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The story began in 1965 at Burås “ungdomsgård”, commonly known as the pop band factory. Two of the bands were Les Copain and The Roots. Parts of both bands were not satisfied with the progress of their music and new challenges were sought. So it was that night when Valter, Anders and Lasse from Les Copain met Stig and Göran from The Roots, rigged equipment to "jam" a little together. "The Sounds Group" was formed.

1965-1968 became an intense period with several gigs a week. In 1968, the band was in the Swedish Radio's pop band competition with a broadcast from Soliden on Skansen. 1968-69 most of the members snapped up and the band splitted.

In 1989 Anders gathered the old members on his 40th birthday. It was a party and, above all, "jam". Since then the band is playing.


Change of name

During a period from 1996-2004, the band often played at High Chaparall as a houseband to the Western Club. The band then changed its name to a more suitable name "The Gunners". The reason was then the singer Stig's last name Gunér, became Gunner.



Thomas lead guitar joined the group in 2001 when the former guitarist could not participate in the gigs due to his work. Per singer joined the group 2007 when the singer moved from the region. Both Thomas and Per have a long past history in the pop industry. In groups like Back Street Boogie, Foxes, aso.

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